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Security Cameras

Whether you want a cost-effective solution for home or a premium solution for maximum security, we can configure a system to suit. All our security cameras are high-definition, have night vision and can be viewed from your mobile phone. All deliver on the promise of securing your property. As an internet service provider, make sure you speak to us before considering any security camera installation. We stand by our promise to deliver the best security cameras system for any budget.

All security systems include...




With hi-def cameras you can zoom in to see the details.

Motion Record

Motion record or continuous recording. Easily scan through recordings.

Night Vision

See in the dark so you can protect yourself at night.

View On Mobiles

See your cameras stream in real time or review your recordings.

Other features also available...

Smart Tracking

Cameras that can detect a person, lock in on them, zoom in and follow the person around.

Face & People Detection

Identify people as they enter. Record their entry and exit.

Vehicle Detection

Record every vehicle that enters your premises with smart vehicle detection.

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